The View

Well I am not talking about our social and logical view towards life. What I instead actually am trying to talk you all into is, what you look at simply when you open your eyes to the things around you.

So I was saying … Suddenly all the colors of life and the things around us changed into a monotnous shades of black and white. This fall colors are gone and all we see is patches of black and white (or may be gray as you all may prefer) spread all around as far as your eyes can show you … yes you may have guessed it by now!

It is snowing today and most of the things are covered in a thick sheet of snow. Its cold, its soggy, covered in white, and at the same time parts of the road are wet slippery and here and there you can see white crystal, trying to melt away!

From the top of the building it looks as if everything has been painted in white and black to demarcate ongoing legacy of two distinct kingdoms, still to decide which one is evil and ready to conquer the other half of the undiscovered world.

Well time will decide and as we know it depends … there will be times when everything would be taken over by the Kingdom of the whites 😛 😀


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