iOS 11 beta issues

Noticed these on iPhone 6 Plus test device-

  1. Lock screen freezes sometimes while scrolling, trying to read notification.
  2. Lock screen will freeze and remain blank with no response to power or home button press for long time. Had to force reboot to return back to normal.
  3. Did not like the App Store or for that matter messages contacts etc fonts being so large than before.
  4. AppStore freezes while running updates.
  5. When connecting to Bluetooth devices it connects fine, afterwards however it does not shuts off when trying to turn it off from control panel.
  6. Switching/ opening/ closing apps is way to slow and animations can be seen fading off on the home screen.
  7. What’s with the letters and numbers both in the buttons in lock and phone screen … looks kind of really ugly!!!
  8. Volume control shows both the old style square box on videos as well as the new small bar on top right if the video when toggling.
  9. Notification display and handling is buggy and hard to get rid of them as swiping right or left takes to the camera or app screen.

Will keep this list updated as handling progresses.


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